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The Best Use Of Facebook Chat Symbols

In real life, speakers cannot use chat emoticons, but they can use a lot of other cues to help them interpret what the other person is saying. This can be difficult to do with text messages or with online chatting. However, when you use chat emoticons, it is much easier to express yourself clearly.
Chat emoticons are the only visual part of communicating online. They can often be the only thing that provides one speaker with clues about what the other speaker is thinking or feeling. For instance, it can be very hard to interpret whether or not a speaker is being sarcastic without the use of some emoticons.
Some emoticons are negatively charged while other ones are positively charged. However, there are more than two categories. most chat emoticons fall into three major categories.
The first chat emoticons are the ones that allow you to share your emotions. These include things like the happy or sad face. Second of all, there are ones that cue the other person about what they should feel. These are similar to the laugh cards that are held up for studio audiences while taping TV shows. Finally, there are the ornamental ones. These include all of the custom and animated chat emoticons.
Lately, emoticons are so overused that some of them seem to carry no emotional value any longer. In fact, some of them can be used too often, and they often do not carry the same impact as other emoticons. Another example of an internet symbol losing its impact is the phrase lol. In the past, this phrase actually signified that the writer was laughing. Now, however, it is so meaningless that the reader may interpret it as a mere virtual head nod from the writer. If you do not want this same thing to happen to your favorite emoticons, you should try to avoid overusing them.
The most effective chat emoticons are actually the simplest ones. These give the reader easy to interpret clues about the writer's intentions. One of the best ones to use is the happy smile. The smile is the most common positive chat emoticons.
The smile is one of the chat emoticons that you should try to use sparingly. In order to be genuine, you should only use it if you would actually be smiling. Some people opt to use the smile while they are delivering an argumentative message. This is extremely passive aggressive, and most readers find this usage annoying. Other users take advantage of the smile too often. It becomes like a nervous tic, and this tic can be annoying as well. This is one of the best chat emoticons, but you should only try to use it when you want to express true warmth and kindness.
Another popular one of the emoticons is the toothy grin. This is also referred to as the cheesy grin. The best use of this grin is between friends who want to share a bit of humor. However, it can be used as a sarcastic device. If you opt to use this as a sarcastic device, you should keep in mind that it has a rather strong connotation. If the person whom you are speaking with does not like sarcasm, this grin may hurt their feelings. This is one of the best chat emoticons to use during a friendly banter with a close chum.
If you are looking for one of the best chat emoticons to use when you are mocking yourself, you will love the face with the tongue sticking out. It is probably the best emoticon to use for these situations. By its nature, the tongue sticking out emoticon is actually one of the most positive of all the chat emoticons.
However, it is one of the chat emoticons that can be interpreted in a negative light. Although it is great to use when you are mocking yourself, it is not great to use when mocking others. If you are saying something about the other person, you should be sure that the message is completely clear. If you combine this smile with the wrong message, it could be interpreted as one of the rude or mean chat emoticons.
The sad chat emoticon can be viewed in a negative light. However, they are almost never meant to be aggressive or mean. If you are feeling sad, you should use these chat emoticons.
The sad face emoticons should be avoided is you are feeling disappointed with the other person. When used to express disappoint, they may really hurt the other person's feelings. In addition, you should try to not over use these faces as they can make you appear pathetic if you use them too often. These chat emoticons are the perfect way to express yourself after a hard day.
The most aggressive of the emoticons is the angry face. You can use this face in a variety of situations, but you should be careful. It is better to use this face when you are upset about an idea rather than upset at a person. When used toward a person, the angry face can really stir up problems. Trolls tend to use this face a lot. This usually succeeds in bringing up a lot of emotions and tensions. If someone has brought up a sensitive subject, you can use the angry face to indicate that you are upset and not willing to talk about it any longer. Aggressive emoticons can be very effective when used carefully.
The chat emoticon that allow you to roll your eyes are great ones. These eye rolling faces are probably the best ones to use in sarcastic situations. However, they can also be used to create contempt or ridicule. If you want to be overbearing or if you want to express very heavy sarcasm, you should use the eye rolling emoticon. This emoticon is also effective to express a certain level of disgust at topics that come up in the conversation. These emoticons are perfect to use when you disagree with political ideas or social trends.
Chat emoticons are a non-negotiable part of most chat conversations. Even if you do not currently use them, you may want to start using them. Chat emoticons will give you the tools that you need to express non-verbal cues.
Chat emoticons help make our conversations more clear. When we talk to another person, we fill in the missing bits of the conversation with what we learn from non-verbal or visual cues. The other speaker also augments what we are saying by what they learn from our visual cues. Without these cues, it can be very hard to interpret a conversation. Thus, emoticons are essential.
It is also essential that emoticons are used correctly. If these emoticons are used intelligently, we can insure that our message is always clear. We will never have to worry about defending our intent to the other speaker or spending time explaining what we meant when we used those chat emoticons.
Whether speakers are using words or emoticons, all communication is subject to the other speaker's interpretations. Thus, it is never possible to be completely clear. Even if you use your emoticons perfectly, you may sometimes be misunderstood.

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